Friday, July 30, 2010

Studio Master UHF AR12 Wireless Mic

• UHF band frequency by Quartz locked controlled. Range from 780~960 MHz.
• Compact, lightweighted, single- channel receiver
• LED indicator (Power, Diversity (A--B, Peak) and telescopic antenna.
• Compander circuit for expanding dynamic range.
• Special circuit design to delete microphone switch ON/OFF noise.
• Audio Output connector with XLR balanced and mono phone jack unbalanced

• Diversity Mode.
• UHF 780 - 960 MHz.
• Unbalanced 6.3mm phone jack 750mv/5K Ohms.
• XLR Balanced Output 60mV/600 Ohms.

• UHF 780-960 MHz Carrier frequency range.
• Current Drain 35mA
• 9V Battery ( 8 hrs )

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